Here I Come!

Here I Come!

Today in guitar lesson, we looked at George Harrison’s 1969 song Here Comes the Sun. Except for the bane to beginning guitar students, the F-chord, it’s relatively easy to play with the capo on the 7th fret. Of interest in the song is the almost chromatic backwards circle of fifths for the bridge, “Sun, sun, sun, here we come” (F-C-G-A7-D). Also, the song is a quarter of semitone sharp.

The song is in A which according to Christian Friederich Daniel Schubart is a key suitable for “declarations of innocent love, … hope of seeing one’s beloved again when parting; youthful cheerfulness and trust in God.”

Wikipedia says that Carl Sagan wanted to include this song on the Voyager spacecraft. EMI refused to release the copyright to extra-terrestrials…

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