Black-tailed Gull

Black-tailed Gull

I took advantage of the good weather to take a look at the Black-tailed Gull that had been seen in Tacoma.  This is a very rare bird and is usually found on the other side of the Pacific.

A gaggle of birders with scopes marked the best vantage point along Marine View drive to spot the gull.  Unfortunately the sun was shining right on the log boom where the gull roosted along with a couple hundred other gulls.

My birding partner, Tina, set up her scope and quickly found the bird.  It was clearly an adult gull and had a black tail with just a smidgeon of white at the edge.  The gonydeal angle was fairly straight.  All characteristics of this gull.

Later we showed the bird to a man from Vancouver who knew the bird very well from living in Asia.  As the bird flew off into the sun, he confirmed our find.

I did a life bird happy dance!

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