Looting a Monologue

Looting a Monologue

I am working on a new audition piece and continue to find the whole process vexing. Like Catherine O’Hara once said – it’s something between opening presents on Christmas morning and being burnt alive.

I chose a piece from Joe Orton’s devilishly funny Loot. Before working with my audition coach, Annnette Toutonghi, I did all of my character homework, I defined my action, I came up with my element of truth and pondered the prior moment.

You’re intellectualizing!

You’re not feeling it!


It wasn’t that the preparation was bad, it was more that I didn’t allow myself to inhabit the circumstance and allow myself to be in the moment. A common trap for me but one that I well understand.

She made me give the monologue as a muppet and that loosened me up to start to play and really feel the words I was saying.

And I never really thought that much how the words of a dramatist give the actor that punch to follow through on an action.

So I get why people say Orton is a genius. And yet, it’s so well done it’s so easily missed!

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