Old Game Quotes

Old Game Quotes

I’m doing some revisions to an older title and came across these gems embedded in a system file.

We used to collect funny quotes that would invariably occur during long hours of production.  Here are some of the better ones:

Karen: Why do you smell like lighter fluid?
Donovan: I have a Zippo in my pocket.

So we’re getting a better squish? – Karen on our new codec

The only free cheese you get is in a mouse trap. – Alena bestowing Russian wisdom

I’m finger-oriented. – Karen explaining the smudges on her monitor

Take that out of your mouth, son. It’s not real. – Wayne’s fatherly advice

That’s a lot of mustard. - Jan misinterpreting a carafe of orange juice

But… you shouldn’t have changed my body. - Robert exerting too much ownership over an animation

I like a chair that’s already formed to my butt. - Kyle

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