Message in a Haunted Mansion is still one of my most favorite Nancy Drew games.  What could be more fun than to create a creepy old mansion, a lost treasure and dress it all up with ghosts and scares?  This was the first title we released into retail and it was a big success.  We got great reviews in many media outlets including Newsweek and The New York Times.

The art team enjoyed researching Victorian design and they did an excellent job haunting the house.  I enjoyed researching 19th century California and the odd personalities that made San Francisco the eclectic town it is today.  Lizzie Applegate was a fun character to develop and our first truly historical character.  And definitely the first real puzzlemeister!

It was difficult finding voice talent; we ended up hiring the husband of our Chief Technology Officer to play the role of Louis.  But Scott Carty who played Charlie and later Ned Nickerson, became a very well known voice in Seattle, I hear him all the time on KING-FM.

One of my favorite memories was creating the recipes for drinks found in the saloon.  I tried to make the silliest concoctions.  We got a fan letter where someone actually tried to make Ginger Whisper.  That would make an interesting book – the recipes of Nancy Drew games.

Here’s a photo taken during the holidays of production.  From left to right: Sonia Doughty, Wayne Sikes and yours truly.  I have no idea what we were doing, but the hats were from some Christmas ‘crackers’.

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