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Auditioning for The Dinner

Auditioning for The Dinner

I auditioned for a an experimental piece called the The Dinner produced by a new theatre group, Irrational Robot Bureau. The audition piece was to be a simple piece of text such as a comic or VCR instructions or ingredients on a soup can.  The piece then was to be presented in 3 different ways.

I chose an excerpt from the recipe Ginger-steamed Tilapia but had difficulty figuring out how to present in 3 different ways.  At first, I thought about playing an emotion like angry, sad, romantic, etc., but it seemed a bit too hokey.

I settled on singing the lines for my first presentation in a hillbilly twang with lots of syncopation and voice breaks, like allow fer the Stee-EEEM taflow throooo.

For my second presentation, I used gestures to define the key terms of the recipe, like picking up something wriggly for ’tilapia’.  I did not want it to be a complete mime of the recipe.  Instead, I wanted my gestures to convey the key information and ‘feeling’ of the recipe.

For the last presentation, I manipulated my face and mouth to get different sounds ending with me cupping my hands over my ears, which made the final line very intimate and cut off from the audience – I just reveled in the sound it made inside my head.

The auditors seemed to have liked it and I got a laugh here and there, which was encouraging, but then I found myself playing it up.

And I hate when that happens.