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Mass Effect: Day 4

Mass Effect: Day 4

The opening music makes me very happy – it’s so tranquil and zen.  I want to restore harmony to the Alliance and everyone in the Universe!  Seriously – this is not sarcastic.  It gives me a strange motivation to keep on trucking.

I’ve met Tali and taken her on as a … squader … person.

I like how many of the alien species don’t have observable lips – awesome cost cutting strategy on lip synching and it’s just … cool.

But, I’ve some more Keepers to scan.  I hope we find out more about them.

Mass Effect: Day 3

Mass Effect: Day 3

I want to jump.

Really badly.

Jumping around 3D environments is fun and a fun method of getting around in a different way.

I remember hearing a talk by Bioware where they showed some analytics on their players.  It showed that like 70% of the time was spent walking around.  I thought – OMG, I wonder what they did to fix that.  But… they were happy with the stat.

A LOT of time is spent traveling in this game – and those elevators!  If only the Protheans had mastered speeding up elevator travel!

BUT, I can now SCAN the Keepers and hopefully find out something about them.  I was VERY HAPPY that I get to do something with them and the Keeper Hunt is a great device to keep you….


Mass Effect: Day Two

Mass Effect: Day Two

I’m really liking the conversation system and the writing quality with the responses.

But… I’m really disappointed with the lack of interactivity.  The Citadel looks like a mall I used to hang out in as a teen.  And I REALLY wanted to talk to the insect guys, but it wasn’t until I spoke with the virtual guide that I found out they were ‘off limits’.

The hearing about Saren was a let down; why didn’t they bring the witness to testify against him?  ”Perry Mason” should be required viewing in the 22nd century.

And then there was a fight in Chora’s Den, but… the corpses mysteriously disappeared.  I was hoping to take ‘em alive for questioning.