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Mass Effect: Day One

Mass Effect: Day One


Why I am playing this now  I tend to either play video games right after they come out or wait several years.  This may be because I naturally resist jumping on bandwagons or maybe because I’ve been severely disappointed by the ‘latest thing’.

Regardless, I’m finally jumping on the Mass Effect bandwagon.  I’m very particular with my science fiction choices opting more for alternative reality or cyberpunk instead of space opera which I feel most sci-fi games fit into.  While Mass Effect initially feels very space-opera (save the beacon, save the universe), I’m interested in seeing how it is a “landmark of interactive storytelling” as the NYT dubs it.

Pre-game I like how you can choose the character’s background and how NPC’s comment on this, at least initially.  I’ve opted for the Colonist/Sole Survivor plan and am playing Shepard overly cautious, sometimes reckless and stony cold realist who hopefully will develop into a caring warm fuzzy at the end.  It will be interesting to see if I am encouraged to develop or not.

Game Start While my need for multilinearity and choice has been sated in the character creation, the game starts out very linearly.  I understand the need for a controlled beginning, but it would have been nice to have some choice… somewhere.  I couldn’t break the locks of the colony buildings so maybe the multilinearity is hidden.

And what was with the bombs?  I guess it added suspense and an activity, but why did they have to put timers on it?  It wasn’t like they needed to save the geth or the horde zombie things.  Was it a test that ‘they’ put up for me?  And I had no idea what my visions were but Shepard thinks they had to deal with war or death or the end.  Really?  I just saw objects flash by in a red filter.

It was strange that no one talked about the weird spike ritual to create cyber-zombies.  That was the coolest thing about my expedition, but I have no one to talk to about it…

Maybe … soon… I’ll find a zombie story loving person down the line.